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Birthchart - Through the Houses • Kas

The Birth
Chart Wheel
The birth chart wheel provides astrologers with a snapshot of the heavens at the moment you were
born. It is a visual representation of planets and their positions at the time of your birth from the
location of your birth. The chart wheel is a critical starting point used by astrologers to interpret an
astrological profile.
Chart wheels contain a myriad of information, including symbols representing the planets, planetary
house positions, degrees between one planet to the next, and the interrelationship of the sun, moon
and planets to the next via angles or aspects.
The following guide is provided to help you better understand the basic elements of your chart wheel.

Our Birthchart and its importance.

Astrological birth charts can be difficult to understand, particularly the meaning of the 12 houses of the birth chart. Here's a short and informative explanation of just what the 12 houses of an astrological birth chart are.

Meaning of Each of the 12 Houses

Let's take a look at each of the houses:

  • House 1: This is the beginning of our development. It's about our personality and temperament. It includes our physical body, our appearance and our views on life.
  • House 2: Is about how we value ourselves and what we have. Our self-worth and self-esteem. It's also about our money and our worldly material possessions - our cars, property and furniture.
  • House 3: Is about communication - from gossip to reading and writing. It's also about our relationships in our immediate environment such as our family and neighbors.
  • House 4: Physically refers to our home including our childhood home and our family influences in the past and present.
  • House 5: Has to do with pleasure, creativity and love affairs. It's how we relate to children, our romantic partnerships and what is fun for us.
  • House 6: Is about work, our responsibilities and the routine stuff. It's about the daily details of life such as personal hygiene and how we deal with life's everyday challenges.
  • House 7: Is frequently referred to as the house of marriage. It includes all affairs of the heart that work and fail including divorce, friendships and business partnerships.
  • House 8: Shows how we deal with material loss and other powerful transformations such as injury, loss and death.
  • House 9: Is our spiritual and philosophical views of the world. This House is about big ideas and big thoughts. It also includes journeys across foreign lands to expand our mind.
  • House 10: Is about your calling, your reputation, your honor and your social status.
  • House 11: Refers to your humanitarian interests and how you relate to the society in which you live. It's about your aspirations as well as your friendships.
  • House 12: Refers to the subconscious, spiritual realization. In the physical plane, the 12th house is about things that take us away from freedom and everyday life such as prisons, funerals, confinement and other endings.



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